Mentoring Overview

Facilitating learning conversations between mentor and mentee for people & organization leadership and career development by leveraging the mentor's experience and knowledge

  • Mentoring conversations - mentee to identify what they want to learn from mentor
  • Experience and knowledge - learning from mentor's stories about their experience and knowledge in specific areas

Purpose of Mentoring

Mentoring is a collaborative growth relationship between a mentor and a mentee for the purpose of the mentee's growth, learning and career development.

  • A mentor is usually an experienced individual who shares their experience, knowledge and advice with a less experienced mentee.
  • Mentors act as guides and role models for their mentees to help them grow.

Mentoring Process

  • Mentoring program is free of charge for mentors and mentees  
  • Matching process may take time depending on mentor availability
  • We may request for additional mentors for specific areas of expertise

Roles in Mentoring


  • Provides advice, guidance and feedback
  • Shares their experience and knowledge
  • Acts as a sounding board for ideas
  • Identifies ways to support the mentee's development
  • Allocates time to focus on mentoring meetings


  • Identifies learning objectives for mentoring
  • Is open to and seeks feedback
  • Takes an active role in their own learning
  • Schedules, prepares for and attends mentoring meetings
  • Follows through on commitments

Team Next

  • Collect mentor and mentee registrations
  • Matching mentors and mentees based on experience/ needs
  • Conduct mentor and mentee briefings
  • Execute mentoring contracts
  • Running a chat group to share questions/ insights

Mentoring Community

Participants are invited to join a chat group where they can share questions/ insights with peers as they progress through the mentoring program.


Pre-requisites for Participation


  • Able to offer advice on people and organization practice based on their experience and knowledge
  • Interested in developing the next generation of talent
  • Able to commit to a one hour meeting once a month for six months
  • Interested in developing themselves through the mentoring experience


  • Interested in learning from a mentor as part of a proactive effort for personal development
  • Have some ideas about areas to learn from mentor around people and organization
  • Able to schedule, prepare and attend a one hour meeting once a month for six months
  • Want to apply learning from mentor and to share experience and knowledge as a mentor in the future

Requesting for Participation

  • Complete and submit the appropriate form(s) below:
  • Team Next to match based on mentor's experience and mentee's needs
  • Mentee to be notified of matching outcome first, followed by mentor
  • Mentoring to commence after attending mentoring briefing and signing mentoring agreement
  • For any queries/ requests, please contact us via the Contact Form.