Coaching Overview

Facilitating personal growth towards people & organization leadership and career development through learning and experience design, practice support and awareness raising

  • Learning and experience design - clarifying learning and practice pathways towards personal goals
  • Practice - supporting and observing practice
  • Awareness - questions, feedback and advice

Coaching Process


Hearing coaching needs and explaining overview & process of coaching

(1 hr)

  • Discovery
  • Coaching overview & process

Self awareness

Building self awareness using personality assessment and determining direction for leadership & career development (3 hrs)

  • Personality assessment
  • Leadership & career development based on self-awareness


Designing & practicing learning & experience and building awareness through coaching dialog (1 hr x 6)

  • Career aspiration
  • Development goal setting
  • Action planning
  • Action review
  • Overall reflection
  • Coaching for future development

Observe & Feedback

Observing goal actions in practice and providing feedback

(4 hrs x 2)

  • Observe actions
  • Feednback based on observation

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