Roles & Responsibilities

Define the people and organization leadership roles and clarify the responsibilities and skills required to build the structure that adds value to the business.

  • People & Organization Leadership Definition
  • People & Organization Capability Development
  • Internalization and Localization of Initiatives

In response to the following needs...


  • We want to add more value to the business as a business partner, not just as an operational function.
  • We want to develop the ability to drive people and organization initiatives in line with the business and culture of the organization.
  • We want to develop team members who can effectively lead the people and organization strategy.
  • We want to internalize initiatives so that we can deliver training and workshops internally.
  • We want to localize the content from the global headquarters and be able to deliver it internally.

Examples of initiatives include...


  • Clarify areas of added value to the business and define roles and responsibilities.
  • Undertake activities to deepen understanding of the business and increase opportunities to hear directly from employees.
  • Clarify the skills and experience required to deliver the strategy and create a development plan that aligns with the team members' career aspirations.
  • Create content internally and learn to facilitate training and workshops.
  • Understand the intent of English content and localize it into content that can be practised in the local context.