Learning Series Overview

Facilitating the acquisition of knowledge that leads to people & organization leadership and careers through peer learning

  • Peer learning - sharing knowledge and experience among participants through discussion
  • Knowledge for practice - focus on sharing current and local practical knowledge and experience

Program Approach

Proactive learning/ behavioral change

  • Learning to re-skill
  • Short learning sessions
  • Learning from peers

Session Structure


  • Knowledge sharing
  • 3 hrs


  • Experience sharing
  • 2 hrs

Insight Session

  • Professional insight sharing
  • 1 hr

Facilitator and Learning Community

  • To view the facilitator profile, please click here.
  • Participants will be invited to join a chat group community where they can share questions/ insights with peers at any time after the session.

Registering for Participation

  • Sessions with the 【ネット予約はこちら】 button are open for registration. There are no prerequisites for attending any of the sessions.
  • Registration/ cancellation is possible up to the start time of the session, however, no refund can be made if cancelled 25 days after registration as payments are made at the time of registration.
  • For any queries/ requests, please contact us via the Contact Form.

Session Themes

People & Organization Vision

Driving the people and organization strategy in line with the purpose and philosophy of the business

Seminar ① - Strategy & Value Creation

  • Definition of the Ideal State
  • People & Organization Strategy
  • Strategy Communication

Workshop ①-a

Definition of the Ideal State

Workshop ①-b

People & Organization Strategy

Workshop ①-c

Strategy Communication

Seminar ② - Roles & Responsibilities

  • People & Organization Leadership Definition
  • People & Organization Capability Development
  • Internalization and Localization of Initiatives

Workshop ②-a

People & Organization
Leadership Definition

Workshop ②-b

People & Organization
Capability Development

Workshop ②-c

Internalization and
Localization of Initiatives

People Growth

Designing and facilitating learning and experiences for individual growth

Seminar ③ - Talent Management

  • Talent Review
  • Succession Planning
  • Human Capital Development

Workshop ③-a

Talent Review

Workshop ③-b

Succession Planning

Workshop ③-c

Human Capical Development

Seminar ④ - Performance Management

  • Goal Setting & Performance Appraisal
  • Feedback Culture
  • Appraisal Skills

Workshop ④-a

Goal Setting & Performance Appraisal

Workshop ④-b

Feedback Culture

Workshop ④-c

Appraisal Skills

Organization Development

Moving organizations towards their ideal state with visible results

Seminar ⑤ - Organization & Culture

  • Organization & Human Capital Planning
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy & Process
  • Culture Transformation

Workshop ⑤-a

Organization & Human Capital Planning

Workshop ⑤-b

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Process

Workshop ⑤-c

Culture Transformation

Seminar ⑥ - Work Style & System

  • Work Style Reform
  • Policy Design/ Change
  • Transformation Leadership

Workshop ⑥-a

Work Style Reform

Workshop ⑥-b

Policy Design/ Change

Workshop ⑥-c

Transformation Leadership