Organization & Culture

Achieve the desired state of the organization and culture by creating organization and human capital plans that align with the business direction, transform the culture and develop teams that can consistently deliver high performance.

  • Organization & Human Capital Planning
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy & Process
  • Culture Transformation

In response to the following needs...


  • The current organizational structure and skills are not aligned with the future direction of the business and we want to create a review plan.
  • We want to clarify the roles of each department, team and position, and improve collaboration between departments and teams.
  • We want to build a leadership team that not only gets along, but also delivers high performance.

Examples of initiatives include...


  • Review the organizational structure against the business direction and conduct a current state analysis and human capital strategy formulation after clarifying critical skills.
  • Create documents that define the purpose and roles of positions and visualize team collaboration on a task/ project basis.
  • Facilitate workshops to clarify team purpose, priorities, collaboration, etc. and conduct regular reviews.