Work Style & System

Achieving the ideal state of work styles and systems through work style reform that meets the needs of the workplace, effective policy design and its communication, and focus groups that promote change.

  • Work Style Reform
  • Policy Design/ Change
  • Transformation Leadership

In response to the following needs...


  • Our current way of working is not adapting to changes in the social context and we want to review it as a whole to improve engagement.
  • When considering new policies, we want to reflect the voices of employees and embed them across the business.
  • We are introducing a new system to encourage work style reform, but we anticipate resistance and want to  find a way to communicate this.

Examples of initiatives include...


  • Clarify the current state and ideal state of work styles and lead the change process and communication.

  • Manage the decision-making process of focus groups made up of departmental representatives, managers and non-managers.
  • Clarify the ownership of each leader, manager and employee and create a communication plan.