Mayumi Cox

Chief Executive Officer, Team Next LLC

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MBTI Qualified User (Japan-APT member

Certified Executive Coach (ACSTH)


Born in 1976 in Okayama Prefecture, Mayumi experienced school refusal in junior high school. Later, at the age of 15, she traveled alone to the UK to continue her education at high school and university. Through these experiences, she developed an interest in the psychological factors that influence one's perception of things and the impact of different educational systems on work styles in different countries.


While at university, she studied Sociology and Human Resource Management, which led to a strong interest in HR work on talent investment and work styles within organizations. Since 2002, she has spent 20 years in corporate HR, supporting the growth of individuals and building organizations.


After graduating from the University of Brighton in the UK, Mayumi built her HR career at Morgan Stanley and Nomura Securities, focusing on supporting personal growth. She went on to lead people and organization strategy planning and execution at Richemont and Royal Canin. Following a leadership role in people and organization development in the Asia Pacific region at Griffith Foods, she founded Team Next in 2022 to provide people and organization consulting and leadership development support.


From a young age, she was shy and reserved and felt uncomfortable acting confidently in front of others. When she first traveled to the UK, she struggled to communicate in English. As a result, she has continually sought ways to face environments that require sociability and English communication while remaining true to herself.


She values an approach that emphasizes being true to oneself and pursuing personal growth through engaging in work that one loves. She is dedicated to supporting the growth of individuals who lead people and organization initiatives while sharing the excitement and fulfillment that come from engaging in such initiatives.