Strategy & Value Creation

Adding value by defining the ideal state of people and organisation in line with the company's purpose and philosophy, formulating strategies and communicating them.

  • Definition of the Ideal State
  • People & Organization Strategy
  • Strategy Communication

In response to the following needs...


  • We want to create a people and organization strategy that meets local needs in line with the company's purpose and philosophy.
  • We want to secure the commitment of all senior management to the direction of the strategy and specific initiatives.
  • Communicate our unique local strategy to global headquarters stakeholders to gain their understanding and support.

Examples of initiatives include...


  • Define the ideal state of people and organization, and clarify the initiatives required and the changes expected.
  • Clarify the business impact and explain why we are driving these initiatives in a way that management can understand.
  • Clarify expectations from global headquarters, explain the local context and work to deepen mutual understanding.